Play Roanoke Trails and Greenway System

The City’s award-winning greenway and trail system contains over 100 miles of paved and natural surface trails. Roanoke Parks and Recreation is responsible for the maintenance of these amenities, which includes but is not limited to building trail, repairing trail and greenway damage, collecting trash, mowing, cleaning/clearing debris, and installing signage.

Report a Trail or Greenway Issue

To report a trail or greenway issue or concern, you can call 540-853-5867, or see the contact us page to send us a message.

Greenway Ambassador Program

Greenway Ambassadors strive to enhance the user experience by sharing their knowledge of routes, available resources, etiquette, and respect for other users on greenway trails throughout the City of Roanoke. Their goal is to assist users of all ages and experience levels to have a safe, fun outdoor experience.


  • 18 years of age
  • Outgoing, with good communication skills
  • Safety-oriented
  • Willing to register as a City volunteer
  • Willing to attend training
  • Willing to provide several hours of volunteer service per month.

Greenway Ambassador volunteers do not need to act as a volunteer every time they use a greenway. 

Volunteers are expected to:

  1. Commit to several hours of volunteering per month
  2. Complete Greenway Ambassador training with Roanoke Parks and Recreation and Roanoke Police Department
  3. Attend quarterly Greenway Ambassador Meetings
  4. Be familiar with Greenway resources and locations
  5. Provide education and awareness in a non-confrontational manner

• User etiquette, custom, consideration

• Resource location—bathrooms, water fountains, play grounds, restaurants, trail heads, routes, information kiosks

  1. Provide directions to other routes and trails
  2. Be available for user interaction
  3. Provide greenway eyes and ears for Roanoke Parks and Recreation and Roanoke Police Department
  4. Contact appropriate emergency personnel when needed
  5. Complete feedback report to Trails and Greenways Supervisor each month with hours, sections patrolled, and issues addressed

For more information, please contact Renee Powers, Roanoke Parks and Recreation Trails and Greenways Coordinator, at 540-853-5867 or

This volunteer position does require a background check. 


Commemorative Benches

If you’re interested in a commemorative bench, please call 540-853-5867 or email

Volunteer Trailwork

Roanoke Parks and Recreation regularly hosts volunteer trail work days throughout the city. Trail work days typically take place on the trails in Mill Mountain Park or at Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. Participants must be over the age of 18 or 14+ if accompanied by an adult. All you need are sturdy shoes, water, work gloves and energy!

What you will do:

  • Help construct new trails
  • Maintain and improve existing trails
  • Learn basic trail maintenance techniques and skills

For more information about Roanoke Parks and Recreation volunteer trail maintenance work days, you can contact Renee Powers, Roanoke Parks and Recreation Trails and Greenway Coordinator at or 540-853-5867.


Roanoke Parks and Recreation also works with a number of partner organizations doing trail work. Learn more and find out how you can be involved here.  If you are with a company seeking to organize a volunteer day for your group, please contact Renee Powers at 540-853-5867 or