If you haven’t heard of Kids to Parks, it is an event by the National Park Trust that seeks to connect America’s families with our public lands. Celebrating outdoor play in this way inspires experiences that have been shown to make kids happier, healthier, and more successful in life. It also forges a connection with nature that inspires future stewardship for public lands. 

In past years, it has been a centralized event held at Wasena Park. Then, last year, inspired by the 10-Minute Walk Campaign, we decided to broaden the event to be a city-wide Day of Play. We created an Instagram scavenger hunt that could be done in any of the City’s 70+ parks and greenways. That scavenger hunt empowered families to create and share their own outings and shine a light on their own neighborhood parks.

Our mission is to get more of Roanoke’s kids than ever playing outside! 

3 ways to be a part of the movement on MAY 16 & 17th:

  1. Plan an outing with your family to your neighborhood park, trail, or greenway, or use our map below to head to one you’ve never visited before (we’ve got over 70!)
  2. Attend one of the free activities going on all over the City. These are hosted by some of the best organizations in the City working to provide excellent experiences for kids year-round! 
  3. Participate in this year’s scavenger hunt! It can be done in literally any of our City parks, and you can win great prizes. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about the prizes and learn when it’s been revealed.

BONUS: If you’re part of a club, organization, or business in the area that wants to help get kids outside, join us! You can adopt one of our parks (at no cost) and host your own free Kids to Parks activity. Learn more here.

Free Play!

Check out this schedule of Free activities happening in parks all over the City.

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