• River’s Edge Sports Complex North under design for renovation
  • Engineering and design underway for Tinker Creek Greenway from Wise Ave Trailhead/Fallon Park to Mason Mill Park
    • 30% design plans submitted Fall 2018
  • Carvins Cove:
  • Roanoke Parks and Recreation 2018-2023 five-year Master Plan
  • New wayfinding signage along Lick Run Greenway
  • Eagle Scout Project: Changing Room at Carvins Cove Timberview Parking Lot
  • Eagle Scout Project: Bike Fixstations at Lick Run Greenway at Washington Park and Mill Mountain Park at Riverland Road Trailhead
  • Eagle Scout Project: Changing Room at Carvins Cove Bennett Springs Parking Lot
  • Eagle Scout Project: Shrine Hill Park/Murray Run Greenway kiosk
  • New benches along Roanoke River Greenway in River’s Edge Park South and Wasena Park
  • Mill Mountain Trails Plan Update 
  • New greenway maps and kiosks


  • Morningside Park :
    • Beginner Trail Complete
  • New wayfinding along Garden City Greenway


  • Carvins Cove:
    • Park Signage
    • Trail tread repair on Brushy Mountain, Enchanted Forest, Songbird, Lower Comet,and Kerncliff trails
  • 2018 Greenway Plan
  • Morningside Park Community Gardens and Urban Food Forest with Roanoke Community Garden Association and Carilion 
  • Trail repairs to asphalt in Countryside and Norwich Parks
  • Eagle Scout Project completed–Lower Mill Mountain Overlook decking and railing rehabilitation
  • Eagle Scout Project completed–water fountain in Piedmont Park
  • Eagle Scout Project completed–New Fishburn Park trails and Murray Run Greenway Kiosk
  • Trail repairs to Lick Run Greenway and a new trailhead at 10th Street
  • Roanoke River Greenway:
    • Wayfinding signage replacement from Bennington to water treatment plant
  • Pumptrack donation and installation at Wasena Park
  • Carnis Poindexter Tennis Courts dedication at River’s Edge Sports Complex
  • Roanoke Parks and Recreation received National CAPRA re-accreditation in 2018
  • Countryside Park Restroom
  • Mountain View Recreation Center parking lot improvements
  • Construction of Garden City Greenway from Riverland Road to Ivywood Drive
  • Construction of Roanoke River Greenway from Aerial Way to Bridge Street
  • Skate Park Feasibility Study



  • Holton Plaza construction complete
  • Hillside Trail at Fishburn Park has new blazes
  • Mill Mountain Park:
    • New kiosk map panels at Riverland Road, Discovery Center, and Star trailheads
    • Eagle Scout project completed–new kiosk at Mill Mountain Discovery Center
    • Trail conditions signs installed at Riverland Road and Discovery Center trailheads
    • New wayfinding signage at property boundaries with NPS and on Understory trail
    • New trail map 
  • Carvins Cove Natural Reserve:
    • New trail map
    • Trail Conditions signs installed at Boat Landing, Timberview, and Carvins Cove Road
    • Feature maintenance and new technical trail features on OG and Royalty trails
    • Wayfinding signage added to Happy Valley and Brushy Mountain trails. 
    • Armoring tread work completed on Enchanted Forest Trail
    • Trail relocations on Araminta and Tuckaway trails
    • New restroom installed at Carvins Cove‘s Bennett Springs Parking Lot in July [Read More]
    • Construction has begun on Third Deck at Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. This will be a one-mile beginner trail off of the Timberview Parking Lot.
  • Grandin Court Recreation Center parking lot has been repaired with gravel and stone
  • Two new grass fields are being replaced at River’s Edge Sports Complex South [Read More]
  • Add new roof to a shelter in Strauss Park
  • Added new signage to the Garden City Greenway
  • Eagle Scout projects completed–Installed new bike fix stations at Bennington Park, Mill Mountain Discovery Center, Tinker Creek Greenway on Wise Ave., Carvins Cove Timberview Parking Lot, and Carvins Cove Boat Dock Landing
  • Ongoing interior improvements made to Thrasher Center
  • Installed new playground at Sunrise Park

2016 Projects