Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s Park Management section is responsible for all hardscaping maintenance in the city’s parks and greenways. This includes: amenity maintenance, construction projects, cleaning trash and debris and community event support.


This four-person crew inspects and repairs Roanoke’s park amenities, including: playgrounds, athletic courts, bollards, picnic tables, trash cans, benches, grills, kiosks, signage, basketball courts, tennis courts, wind screens, guardrails, fences, gates and more. The Inspection and Development crew also supports roughly a hundred community events each year by setting up tents, canopies, stages, chairs, tables, and more.


This five-person crew is responsible for cleaning parks and restrooms. Six seasonal employees join this team as needed. The hardscape maintenance crew collects trash and debris and cleans all areas of parks, shelters, restrooms, athletic courts and parking lots. This cleaning includes painting, removing graffiti and pressure washing courts and shelters to keep them clean. The crew also prepares shelters for rentals and assists with various event and construction projects.

Snow and Ice

First Responders

Both Park Management crews are responsible for helping to remove snow and ice in South Roanoke to keep roads safe.