Roanoke Parks and Recreation

The City of Roanoke’s Department of Parks and Recreation (PLAY Roanoke) is a full-service, nationally accredited municipal agency that maintains nearly 13,000 acres of public land and provides the Roanoke Valley with thousands of recreational opportunities each year. The Department currently employs 70 full-time employees and approximately 160 part-time and seasonal employees to manage 69 public properties including 51 parks, eight plazas, seven greenways, two outdoor swimming pools, eight recreation centers, and more than 100 miles of paved and natural surface trails.


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National Accreditation

In 2008, Roanoke Parks and Recreation joined an elite group of parks and recreation organizations by earning National Accreditation through the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). The department most recently earned re-accreditation in 2023.

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Roanoke Parks Management

Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s parks division is responsible for maintaining the City of Roanoke’s parks, urban forestry, horticulture programs, publicly-owned blueway areas along the Roanoke River, Tinker Creek, Lick Run, Peter’s Creek and Murray Run, as well as paved and natural-surface trails throughout the City and Carvins Cove. The Parks division also supports roughly 100 events, including large festivals, concerts and races, each year. The Roanoke Parks and Recreation parks division is split into four main groups: Park Management, Landscape Management, Trails and Greenways, and Urban Forestry.

Roanoke Recreation Management

Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s recreation division delivers over a thousand recreational and educational programs for all ages each year. The recreation division also provides services and activities, such as affordable after-school programs, that are designed to support local youth and adolescents. The Department’s recreation division also manages seven recreation centers, two outdoor swimming pools, and athletic fields. The division also administers the USDA Summer Nutrition Program for non-profit and housing-development organizations in Roanoke.

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Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our vision, mission, and core values guide every every decision. From building a trail to planning a program, we keep these in mind. Click below to learn about the process and what drives our department.

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