CindyCindy McFall CPRP, AFO
Parks Manager
PatrickPatrick Boas CPRP, AFO
Recreation Manager
PatPat Davitt
GIS Specialist
SamSamantha Dickenson CPRP, CYSA
Business Coordinator
KatieKatie Slusher
Planning and Development Coordinator
MollyMolly Hagan
Marketing Coordinator
KatKat Andrew CPRP
Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
MiltonMilton Hardy, Jr.
Athletics Coordinator
TimTim Pohlad-Thomas
Events Coordinator
ReneeRenee Powers CPRP
Trails and Greenway Coordinator
LauraLaura Reilly
Landscape Management Coordinator
Ryan ShazorRyan Shazor
Community Recreation Coordinator
GregGreg Thompson CPRP
Park Management Coordinator
BillBill West B Sc. MP
Urban Forestry Coordinator

Lead at Any Level Team Members

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