July is Parks and Recreation Month, and we’ve got an adventure planned for you! The last week in July, we’re hiding Noke the Gnome (pronounced “No-key”) in one of our 71 parks, plazas, or greenways! We will release one clue per day guiding people to the park he’s in and where he’s hiding! The person who finds Noke first will win a $100 gift card to Downtown Roanoke, Inc.!


Yes! If you take pictures of yourself/your family looking for Noke, and tag Play Roanoke, you’re entered to win prizes as well! We’ve got some PLAY Roanoke swag that we’ll be giving out to folks who post about their Noke search.

Here’s how it will work
  • The first clue will be released each Monday, July 26 on Facebook and Instagram and updated on here. We will release a clue each day this week until he is found.
  • If you think you know where he is, go look for him (and share pictures of your hunt on social media channels).
  • If you find him, he will have instructions on what to do next!
  • Tag PLAY Roanoke in pictures of you and your family searching for Noke, and you’ll be entered to win some PLAY Roanoke swag.

Happy hunting!


Clues and Prizes


Check back here for clues!