Youth Indoor Basketball (Winter)

Roanoke’s youth basketball league typically starts practice in November and games in January. To register for youth basketball, please contact the recreation club that services the area in which you live. Please note: You must play for the region in which you reside. 

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(Ages are determined on January 1 of current year)

Instructional  Five- and Six-YearOlds
Biddy  Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds
PeeWee – Nine- and 10-Year-Olds
Little – 11- and 12-Year-Olds
Junior – 13-, 14-, and 15-Year-Olds
Senior – 16-, 17-, and 18-YearOlds
*Eighteen year-old players must still be enrolled in high school* 


Youth basketball registrations usually opens in mid-October and is taken until a deadline set by each individual recreation club. Additionally, players may be added to a team roster up until the first game of the season (if roster spots are available).

  • Region 1 (Star City): Contact David Preston at p: 540-819-8981; e: or register online here. 
  • Region 2 (Williamson Road): Contact Darryl Hall at p: 540-314-6762; e:
  • Region 3 (South East): Contact Info – p: 540-268-3616; e: or register online here
  • Region 4 (Greater Southwest Athletics): Contact Gary Foster at p: 540-204-0023; e: or register online here

Lea Youth Outdoor Basketball (Summer)

The Lea Youth Outdoor Basketball League (LYOB) is returning in the summer of 2020 for its 6th year after tremendous success.  Through this structured basketball league, youths are taught core values such as discipline, respect, and the importance of high self-esteem.  In partnership with the Roanoke Police Department, LYOB provides a venue for juveniles and families to interact with officers outside the law enforcement environment to build bridges and form new, stronger connections.

This season will start in early June and registration is available on-site once the season starts. Games will take place at the Melrose Park outdoor courts in the City of Roanoke.  For more information please contact Neighborhood Coordinator Joshua Johnson at or 540-853-1643.

Do you want to be a volunteer coach?

Please contact your recreation club representative to learn more about becoming a volunteer basketball coach.

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