Mill Mountain Park and Discovery Center Reservation Request

Section I – General Information

Thank you for choosing our park for your special event. While using the park, please keep in mind the following park rules:

  1. If you expect more than 100 people for your event, you must complete an Assembly Permit through the Department of Public Works at least 30 days before the scheduled event.
  2. Vehicles of all kinds are not allowed on sidewalks, grassy areas, or other areas not intended for vehicular use in the City’s parks. Pre-approved vehicles transporting handicap persons to and from a shelter are sometimes allowed for unloading and loading purposes only. However, the vehicle cannot remain in the park. This is to protect pedestrians and prevent damage to trees, grass, and sidewalks.
  3. You are responsible for picking up and removing all trash and litter created by your event. Please remember to utilize the trash receptacles.
  4. No cooking grease or similar products are allowed to be disposed on the park grounds or on any public streets.
  5. No temporary structure (i e., tent) is allowed to be erected in any City park without prior approval. Please mark “YES” on your assembly permit application and contact the Department of Planning, Building, and Development at 540.853.1090 for more information.
  6. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations requests received less than 72 hours before the scheduled rental.

If you have problems obtaining use of a shelter during your reservation, please call 911 for Roanoke Police. For electric and water issues, please call 540.853.2411 and the appropriate person will be notified. If you need access to electricity, please call Facilities Management at 540.853.5889 several days before your scheduled event. We hope that your event will be a success and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the main office at 540.853.2236.

Section II – Fee Schedule

Select the facilities within Mill Mountain Park you are interested in reserving:
Rockledge Overlook
Rockledge Picnic Area
Mill Mountain Park Shelter (10 AM - 9 PM)
Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden (10 AM - 9 PM) (Outdoor classroom is included with Wildflower Garden reservation.)
Mill Mountain Discovery Center (first 2 hours)
For more than 2 hours rental of the Mill Mountain Discovery Center, select your residency and add the total number of additional hours (beyond 2) in the next question.
Please enter a number from 1 to 10.

Section III – Applicant and Event Information

Main Contact(Required)
Purpose of Reservation(Required)
City of Roanoke resident?(Required)
Will Alcohol be Served?(Required)
If Yes, an Alcohol Permit Application will be required along with a Virginia ABC license and paid fee. Alcohol is only allowed in Century Plaza, Elmwood Park, Fallon Park, Highland Park, Market Square, Mill Mountain Park, Mountain View Estate, Preston Park, River’s Edge Park, Smith Park, Vic Thomas Park, Wasena Park, and Wells Fargo Plaza
Will any temporary structures (i.e., tents) be used?(Required)
If Yes, please be aware that no temporary structures (i.e., tents) are allowed to be erected in any City park without prior approval. Please contact the Department of Planning, Building, and Development at 540.853.1090 for more information.
Is Electricity Needed?(Required)
If Yes, please contact Facilities Management at 540.853.5889 one week prior to the event. Please note that not all open spaces and plazas have electricity available.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Load-In Start Time(Required)
Load-Out End Time(Required)
Event Start Time(Required)
Event End Time(Required)

Section IV – Indemnification and Authorized Signatures