Project Description:

This project will address the historic wall along the Prospect Road section that is crumbing in places, replace the switchback bridge near the residence, replace the culverts, remove trees that are impacting the facility, mill and repave the road/greenway, and replace the guardrail. 700 linear feet of milling and paving will occur on Sylvan and 6400 linear feet of work will occur on Prospect Road.

Mill Mountain Greenway is one of the most popular greenways in the Roanoke Valley and a vital link in the City of Roanoke from Downtown to the most visited park in the City, Mill Mountain Park. Its 3.3 mile journey starts at John Nolan Plaza near the Taubman Museum of Art and Wells Fargo building and navigates City streets and sidewalks to Elmwood Park. From there, Mill Mountain Greenway is a separated shared use path along Williamson Road, then navigates back to sidewalk on Jefferson to Walnut Street to Sylvan Road. From the intersection of Walnut Street and Sylvan Road, Mill Mountain Greenway is on-road up the face of Mill Mountain on Prospect Road. Once in the park, traffic on the road is limited to only one residence and consists mostly of pedestrians and bicyclists enjoying the beauty of the historic wall, toll booth, and bridge as well as the views of the City of Roanoke and surrounding mountains. The greenway terminates at the Mill Mountain Star, an iconic historical metal illuminated star that sits at 1,748′ overlooking the City of Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley. It is the most visited spot in the City for visitors and citizens alike. 
The current status of this greenway is disrepair. While the project will not separate pedestrians and bicyclists further from traffic, it will improve the safety and condition of the facility and experience. The current road tread is patched and sinking in places with culverts that have collapsed or are no longer working due to being clogged. The wall is crumbing in areas with trees that have grown in behind it pushing out rocks and mortar regularly into the road/greenway tread. The switchback bridge is 100 years old and due to be replaced for age and inspection results. The completion of the project will restore the wall and replace the bridge, replace culverts and repave for a smooth surface that drains well, and replace guardrail that is no longer functional or has been hit over the years and not replaced.

Staff working on quotes for work and design Spring 2024. 

Staff are applying for grants and exploring funding options Spring 2024. Project may be implemented over multiple phases depending on funding and timelines. 
Expected Construction: