Oct. 16 – Oct. 18, 2020

GO Fest will not happen in the traditional sense this year, but we still want to keep the spirit of GO Fest alive and get as many people outside October 16-18 as possible. So, we’re turning our 40,000 person free-for-all event into a benefit concert, epic team challenge, gear raffles and small-scale outings spread throughout the region. All proceeds from these events will benefit Project Outside.

During COVID, outdoor recreation areas have seen up to a 200% increase in usage – which is amazing – but at the same time is adding wear-and-tear to assets (trails, river access, greenways, etc.) that were already being loved to death. Funding for maintenance of these assets is not keeping pace; we need a long-term solution. Thus, the birth of Project Outside. Click here to learn more about its message and goals.

2020 GO fest plan