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04/18/24 - 04/18/24
5:00pm - 5:45pm
Historic Fishburn Mansion
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STEAM Adventures: TECH DAY

STEAM Adventures: Ages 7-12

This week’s focus: TECH DAY

Ignite the curiosity of young scientists and engineers aged 7-12 with our dynamic “STEAM Adventures” series! Through hands-on exploration, participants will tackle thrilling challenges like constructing sturdy structures with popsicle sticks and rubber bands, crafting mesmerizing DIY lava lamps, and delving into the world of circuits with DIY paper circuit cards. Under the guidance of expert instructors, they’ll unravel the mysteries of electricity, from safety precautions to witnessing the magic of simple circuits in action. Join us for an electrifying journey through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, where creativity flourishes, innovation thrives, and young minds are empowered to become the problem-solvers of tomorrow!