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06/15/24 - 06/15/24
9:00am - 11:00am
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Parks & Rec How To: Go Camping With Confidence

Have you ever wanted to go camping in one of the many wilderness areas around Roanoke, but you felt you didn’t know what to bring or how to set it up? Have you had a disastrous camping experience in the past? Well Parks & Rec is here to help.

In this workshop, our instructors will cover packing for your trip, like choosing the proper tent, sleeping bag, and other gear, and how to pick the best spot to set up, and how to set up and use your camp kitchen. You will even get to use real gear to practice staging your campsite. It’s better to learn how to when you have instructors to help and answer any questions. Come and learn with us, so you can go camping with confidence.