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02/05/24 - 02/05/24
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Historic Fishburn Mansion
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Ceramic Valentine Trinket Dishes

Join us for a delightful ceramic crafting experience at the Historic Fishburn Mansion, hosted by Celeste from Celestial Ceramics. In this hands-on class, participants will have the opportunity to create their very own heart-shaped trinket dish, adding a personal touch with the wording of their choice.
What to Expect:
Crafting: Shape your own unique heart trinket dish from quality ceramics.
Personalization: Add a sweet touch by imprinting your chosen words onto the dish.
Colorful Expression: Select your favorite glaze color to bring your creation to life.
Once your masterpiece is complete, Celeste will take charge. She will fire your creations, ensuring a durable and exquisite finish. Your personalized trinket dish will be available for pickup when ready.
If you have additional questions please reach out to Jessica Massey at or 540-853-1027