Roanoke’s adult softball is the largest adult athletic program in the region. Offered in both spring and fall, Roanoke’s adult softball leagues are divided into Upper and Lower competition levels. The Lower league is designed for a laid back, beginner-level team that just wants to have a good time. The Upper league is ideal for teams with intermediate to advanced skill levels who are looking for a more competitive game. League division is dependent upon the number of teams that register.

Bats & Bat Testing:
  • Bats must be on the approved bat list from U.S.S.S.A or pass compression testing’ the approved bat list can be vied by going to or http://resources.usssa/usssa-general/licspmfg.htm. SENIOR BATS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THIS LEAGUE.
  • All bats will be tested with a bat compression tester. When a bat passes testing, a City of Roanoke tamper-evident sticker will be placed on the bat’s barrel. Only bats with the City of Roanoke Sticker will be allowed for use during all City of Roanoke Parks and Recreation games. Tampering with any pat or sticker is grounds for suspension.
  • You can visit the Roanoke Parks and Recreation main office at 215 Church Ave., Room 306, to have your bat tested at the following times: Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.
  • All players must have matching jerseys with numbers to play. A matching jersey is defined as one of the following:
    a. A uniform top that has the same team’s name or logo. Different color uniforms are allowed as long as the team’s name or logo matches.
    b. Shirts of the same general color with a numeric identifier (two digits max) that does not duplicate the number of another player on the same team.
    i. NOTE: No vulgar or suggestive jerseys or team names will be allowed.
  • Teams must have their uniforms by the beginning of the third week of the season.
  • No player is allowed to wear metal baseball cleats in any City of Roanoke Spring or Fall Softball Leagues.

Men’s Recreational – 12” USSSA Classic Plus balls
Co-Ed – 12” USSSA Classic M balls



Spring Softball League

Teams play 10 regular-season games plus double-elimination tournament play. Register by March 19th. A $25 late fee will be added after March 20th. No registrations after March 24th.

Games begin May 1 at Wasena Ball Diamonds.

If you would like a practice slot prior to the beginning of the season, please contact Jessica Babineau at (540) 853-1110 or at

League Ages Fee Per Team Late Fee Game Days
Men’s Open 18+ $400 $425 M/W
Co-ed Open 18+ $400 $425 T/H

Fall Softball Leagues

League Ages Fee per Team Late Fee Games Days
Men’s Open 18+ $TBD $TBD M/W
Co-ed Open 18+ $TBD $TBD T/TH

All games will be conducted under official USSSA rules for slow pitch, except for provisions herein. usssa_sp_rulebook 2023.pdf (


Team rosters must be filed with the department before their first game of the season. Rosters will consist of no more than 25 players.4. By the end of the first two weeks, a valid roster must be submitted, or the team will forfeit every game until a valid roster is turned in. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A player is eligible for only one (1) slow-pitch team per division.