100 MILES. 100 DAYS.

Each January, hundreds of people in the Roanoke Valley commit to tracking their activity levels for 100 days with the goal of reaching a total of 100 miles. Walk, run, or hike your way to 100 miles, or substitute one mile for a 30-minute, human-powered activity!

2022 DATES

Kickoff – Sunday, January 9th

Finale –  Tuesday, April 19th


For the 10th anniversary, we’ve reimagined the Roanoke 100 Miler and made some updates! We’re moving everything to a digital platform that you can access online or through a smart phone app. The online system allows each user to pair with any tracking device, log activities, follow announcements, earn rewards, and connect with other participants! But not to worry–if you want to keep it old school and follow the original program, you still have that option.

Registration Options & Fees

  • $10 self-guided
    Printable tracking sheet, monthly email updates, special events and entry into three giveaways.
  • $20 total access
    Fully integrated online system, special events and giveaways, additional challenges/rewards, access to Gold’s Gym offerings.
  • + $10 T-shirt add on



This year we’re being hosted by Gold’s Gym. In addition to hosting 100 miler participants for the Kickoff and Finale events, they’re also providing each total-access participant with a punch pass. If you register for the $20 option, you will receive four day passes to their gym as well as access to four scheduled group fitness classes throughout the challenge. Their sponsorship means you’ll be able to access additional fitness options, connect with others, and discover some amazing amenities!


2022 T-Shirt

2022 final tshirt mockup

“This program was a real motivator for me to hit and exceed my goals. Last year my goal was 100 miles and I exceeded it. This year my goal was 250 miles and I just added in last week’s numbers and hit 350 miles. Not only did I enjoy the program so did my wife who had a goal if 100 miles. She went to the gym and easily passed this number doing at least 2 miles each day on the treadmill and walking around the neighborhood” – Steve

“…the Roanoke 100 Miler is such an opportunity for fitness and well being. I have participated for several years and find the Roanoke 100 to be a true catalyst for mental and physical motivation. This year is no exception and even more so. The program remains wonderfully simple yet the benefits are so real. Even though I live 45 miles from Roanoke, I feel I am part of a team that empowers each other to get out there and commit to the miles and build a healthier community.” – Tenney

Special Thanks to Our 2022 Sponsors!