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MIssion: Best. January. Ever.

Play Quest is a game designed for you and your household to break out and fill your cold winter days with new experiences, community activity, and fond memories. 

Mission length: Jan. 12 thru Jan. 31.
  • $25 per team, this covers you all.
  • Your team captain will register with us and we’ll send you the details to get your team set up on the app.
  • The game is designed to be done with members of your household. If you’d like to enlist friends and family who don’t live with you, you can work together to complete the missions separately. If it’s more than one or two people, though, they should probably form their own team and you will still be able to see each other’s progress in the app news feed.
  • Please be sure you are following CDC guidelines for stopping the spread of Covid whenever completing PLAY Quest missions.
The Missions:
  • The game will begin with a core list of missions. Then, before each weekend, we will release an additional batch. Examples might include: going for a spin on the greenway, creative photography, spreading good news, and more!
  • You will complete missions by submitting photos, 15 second videos, or GPS locations through a phone app.
  • Missions will take place in your home, neighborhood, greenways, trails, and city parks.
Okay, but how do I win?
  • Not only will you win a January well-spent, fabulous prizes can be earned for racking up points or being fast, creative, and kind. More on that once you register!
  • Keep up with your points and the standings of other teams on the app leaderboard.
  • In addition to winning points by completing missions, you can win extra points for creativity, stewardship, kindness, humor, etc. We’ll apply those additional points each week and re-cap the progress of the game with highlights of the funniest and most creative mission submissions.


So, What are you waiting for? 


Prizes for all sorts: