You are an important part of PLAY Roanoke.

See what each of you is doing and what your Paper Plate Awards were for!


Nicole Ashby reliable, knowledgeable, and ensures the Department is open for business.
Catherine Bousch enthusiastic in her approach to process improvement, finding ways to make the Department more efficient
Donnie Underwood in tune with best practices around the country and continuously seeks out ways to improve the park system.
Dan Henry dependable and provides a steady hand and institutional knowledge in caring for the park system.
Patrick Boas innovative in his approach to managing programs and has a keen eye for the next big thing.
Stephanie Long has set the bar for local government marketing and engagement, moving the Department from “best practice” to “next practice.”
Michael Clark Has the amazing ability to quote obscure comedies from the 90s and early aughts. He is also an amazing leader who is passionate about his field, innovative in his approach, and caring toward the people he leads.
Linda Bedsaul subject matter expert on all things related to human resources and payroll
Aracely Carranza always willing to work late to complete tasks before the deadline
Davern Dooley unflappable, and unfailingly pleasant, in tough customer service situations

Samantha Dickenson Devoted, regardless of the punches thrown her way. Her world is a classic example of “darned if I do, darned if I don’t” but yet she is still in the game making all the positive changes she can…
Shaun Hagwood work being done on the Commonwealth Games Kickball Tournament; since we ended up cancelling our kickball league, he is working to make this a special day for all teams involved.
Jerry Bohannon beautiful concrete work done on a section of the greenway that was in need of repair. He has also stepped up to coordinate with other section leaders on how the Athletic Field Maintenance Crew can assist during the weird COVID times; specifically with Trails/Greenways and Landscape Maintenance.
Scott Apjok keeping our athletic fields and fence lines from being overrun/overgrown with weeds.
Charles Agee keeping our athletic fields and fence lines from being overrun/overgrown with weeds.
Kenny Hamblin Keeping River’s Edge North and South Bermuda fields looking spectacular.
Bill Tatum working to maintain a four day mow cycle for all athletic fields keeping them looking fresh.
Community Recreation

Cindy McFall Takes care of business, no questions asked. You want me to open the pools in 10 days, sure no problem…I’m on it!
Lauren Woodson coordinated, filmed and edited the virtual Mountain View Tree and Garden Tour video for the Happiness Project.
Audrey Campbell did an amazing job coordinating the 2020 Roanoke 100 Miler, including several group activities, administrating the Facebook page and writing the weekly newsletter.
Doris Fox keeps senior programs at the Fishburn Mansion running smoothly
Tom Powers restored a beautiful Victrola for the Fishburn Mansion
Landscape Maintenance

Laura Reilly Applying color and beauty to the canvas of Roanoke’s livable spaces, using the artful medium of landscapes.
Brandon Bess New crew supervisor for Downtown crew – has tackled job with fervor. Constantly strives for improvement in all aspects of supervision, while researching new and better ways to approach the job.
Killian Harmon Willing to work with any crew – sees this as an opportunity to learn new skills. Hard worker that has earned the respect of her coworkers.
Ethan Waldman New employee that has worked hard to gain equipment experience and knowledge. A fast learner that is always quick to volunteer for any task.
KerryAnn Smith New employee that had zero experience but a willingness to learn. Has become a valuable crew member, proving to herself and others that she can do anything she puts her mind to.
Suzanne Popper Shows great leadership to her crew, offering support and assistance daily. This season she has taken a lead role in assisting multiple employees from different sections to train for pesticide license. Volunteers for the RAM House on the weekends.
Jamie Mason Extremely knowledgeable about plants and landscape maintenance. Proficient equipment operator and great member of the team. Highly respected by her coworkers.
Brittany Beheler Eager to learn all aspects of landscape maintenance and equipment operation. First to volunteer for most any task. Valuable crew member with a great attitude.
Rodney Clark Very experienced, organized and meticulous about processes. Handy with all aspects of equipment maintenance & operations.
Devin Bohannon Extremely hard worker. Provides leadership and training assistance to seasonal new hires.
Darius Barrow New with the city but so far has really worked hard, shown strong work ethic, and has made a big impact on catching up on our mowing cycle.
Demetrius Scott New with the city but so far has really worked hard, shown strong work ethic, and has made a big impact on catching up on our mowing cycle.
Taylor Wheeling New with the city but so far has really worked hard, shown strong work ethic, and has made a big impact on catching up on our mowing cycle.
Travis Carter As supervisor of the largest crew, Travis is extremely organized, structured, and efficient. He goes above and beyond with his administrative responsibilities, is supportive and helpful to other crews and departments, and takes the safety and health of his fellow coworkers seriously. He is truly essential to the success of our department.
Andy Craver Oversees all aspects of training, operation, and maintenance of the large Toro mowers. Works with new hires to train on proper equipment maintenance. Great work ethic.
Glenn Wood Manages all herbicide applications within the parks for the mowing crew. Extremely skilled mower operator with precise attention to detail.
William Nuckolls Great team player – this season has become an extremely proficient Toro 5910 operator. Also a talented artist.
Josh Pinkard Experienced with all aspects of landscape maintenance – skilled small mower operator. This season has taken on more of a leadership role to new hires, delegating and problem solving. Well respected by his peers.
Max Williams Over sees the daily maintenance and responsibility of the super truck, having it prepared and stocked to get through the work day. Proficient small mower operator and assists with training new hires.
Outdoor Recreation

Kat Andrew Very compassionate. Always open and willing to hear to people out and make sure she can make as many people as happy as possible
Kait Pedigo You’d be hard pressed to find a more caring and optimistic person. Kait is always considering her fellow co-workers, customers and event attendee’s feelings and experiences and works diligently to do right by them.
Susan Herndon-Powell This is one hard working woman! I doubt you’ll ever see her just sitting around. She is so thorough and uses her years of experience in the outdoor recreation world to bring the best possible experience to her customers whether they are joining her for a one hour program or a week long biking adventure.
Abe McKinney Always willing to lend a helping hand WHEREVER needed, Abe excels at leading backpacking, hiking, and caving, and paddling programs, as well as assisting with our youth climbing club, PLAY after school program and camp, and the Outdoor Adventure Club.
Katie Ramsey Our go-to caving guide, Katie has a wealth of information and experience guiding our local caves, but also is a knowledgeable paddle instructor, and is helping out with PLAY camp this summer.
Greg Edwards Arguably one of best bicycle tour leaders in the country, we’re lucky to have Greg on staff to help lead several bike tours every year, in addition to numerous hikes, cave outings, paddle programs, and summer camp.
Mathias Callison A jack of all trades, Mathias does an excellent job leading caving, paddling, hiking, and biking programs, in addition to helping out with our PLAY camp this summer.
Chad Heddleston A talented rock climber and Single Pitch Instructor for the American Mountain Guide Association, Chad leads our rock climbing programs, as well as the occasional paddle or hiking program.
Beth Wiegandt A leader in paddlesports education and instruction and an American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer for many years, we’re lucky to have Beth leading paddle programs for us!
Chris Heslin An avid biker and owner of Underdog Bikes, Chris shares his vast knowledge on bike maintenance and love of biking on many a biking program for Play Roanoke.
Trudy Stevens An EMT by trade, with a love of working with kids in the outdoors, Trudy helps make our summer camp programs most excellent.
Brendle Wolfe An avid hiker and backpacker, Brendle has led backpacking programs all over the country. She shares her passion for nature and the outdoors when she leads hiking and backpacking programs for us.
Aaron Conover With years of experience running outdoor programs across our region, Aaron is always willing to lend a hand or offer his expertise in all things outdoors, but especially paddling and fly fishing programs.
Park Management

Greg Thompson Making Roanoke’s Park system a fun place to play and exercise with family and friends.
Bryan Harris Bryan Harris – Crew leader for park maintenance (playgrounds, amenities, special events)
Trevor Johnson Trevor Johnson – Did internal training for staff who are attempting to get their CDL
Mike Saul Mike Saul – Great eye for detail and initiative to fix the everyday problems others overlook
George Trail George Trail – Is a jack of all trades and is always willing to have different roles each day
Garrett Moore Garrett Moore – Crew leader for park cleaning (shelters, restrooms, litter removal)
Andrew Watts Weekend lead for reservation prep. GREAT at impersonations!
John Truong Works hard to prep restrooms for users everyday
Priscilla Buck Takes pride in having an organized and clean work space
Todd Quesenberry Todd is dedicated to his work on the cleaning crew is excellent at reporting his days work
Calvin Holmes Works diligently to make sure trash is clean along the river corridor
Larry White Shows up early everyday to make sure his equipment is ready for the day
Rodney Workman Works every weekend/holiday to keep shelters clean
James Casey Pulls trash everyday and has never complained about anything he is asked to do
Shawn Hay Greg’s Comment- Works for both Park Management/Trails and Greenways and is one of the hardest working people on staff. Renee’s Comment- Working hard to get the flood cleanup work and greenway mowing done.
Trails and Greenways

Renee Powers Creating pathways that challenge and encourage Roanoke’s residents to get outside and get moving.
Larry Carter Leading a team of completely new staff in a new section, being a training extraordinaire
Tyler Medley Stepping into a leadership role when called upon
Travis Hale Excelling at big equipment operation
Michele Gladney Taking ownership over the greenway looking so clean and beautiful
Chad Wheeling Being a leader on natural surface trail work days
Ron Sieber Re-working trash route logistics for efficiency and being a leader in pouring concrete
Urban Forestry

Bill West Planting and growing the Roanoke urban forest for the benefit of today as well as tomorrow.
John Hicks Is a skilled equipment operator often called upon to perform crane work for public art and to support Facilities in some of their tasks
Wayne Embry A very production oriented Arborist who handles many technical removals across the City of Roanoke
Kenny Harmon Is often assigned creative pruning work, IPM assignments and planting of trees
Tim Clemmer Willing to take leadership roles when his Supervisor is on leave
Beverly Angle Has become a skilled equipment operator often requested by other Supervisors
Ben Royer Readily accepts leadership opportunities and interested in all aspects of arboriculture
Dylan Hurley Came from traditional forestry with an Associates Degree and has earned respect from Senior Arborists
William Ayers Started on the private side of arboriculture and is successfully making the transition to publically managed trees
Samantha Matson Highly recommended recent graduate of Virginia Tech and the City’s new Tree Inspector
Youth Development

Melida McKee Detail oriented especially when it comes to Accreditation, everyone’s favorite topic. No T or I is left un-dotted or crossed.
Matt Allenbaugh Full time staff member who has shifted his Outdoor Education skills to Youth Development and brought some new programs to the after school and summer programs. Awarded grant from Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to introduce youth to the outdoors
Vickie Briggs Full time staff member who has been working with the Youth Development programs for 20 years. Her enthusiasm for providing the programs and activities for the children in the after school and summer programs is felt by the children, parents, and staff. She loves to search for donations for use in these programs.
Janice Baxter Retired school teacher who brings her many craft ideas to the after school programs. Very creative with the “scrap” projects.
Steven Ferguson Loves working with small groups of children and teaching new games, both inside and out. He also enjoys sharing his artistic talents with the children.
Jason Hariston Juggles his part time job in the after school program with serving as a pastor at a local church.
Bette Harris-Ramsey Works the front desk at one of the after school sites and excels in the customer service skills needed to collect payments, help with homework, and also handle small first aid needs.
Kristen Wiley Parks and Recreation is a second job for her that developed out of being a volunteer at one of the after school programs. She loves to cook special treats and bring to the children.
Shandra “Coach” Claytor Known as “Coach”, she has been with the department for at least 20 years, and always worked with the youth, early on in the Boxing program, Adventures in the Park, and now with after school and summer programs. Very talented musician and shares her talents with the children.
Maybelle Morgan Came to the department after she retired. She works in the after school/summer programs. She has taken responsibility for the paperwork involved in the Feeding America and VDOE Summer Nutrition programs, as well as taking a personal interest in all the children.
Matthew Joseph Works in after school and summer programs. Very artistic and loves creating bulletin boards according to the season.
Eric Jones After he returned to Roanoke in the spring 2020, he returned to Parks and Recreation to work in after school and summer programs. Eric is the thespian in our group as well as a dancer. He performed in the Children’s Theater at Mill Mountain Theatre in the summer of 2019.
Antonio Wallace Works in after school and summer camps as well as with Sports and Athletics. He loves anything related to games and competition;
Essence Banks Joined the department in the fall of 2019 and brings with her some skills related to working with children that may have special needs. She is working her first summer this year.
Landon Williams He has returned to work with us for the summer camp after he left in the spring for a full time job with RCPS. He is also a musician who shares his talents with the children.
Quazmeek Tasco He started with the department in the summer 2019 program and then left to attend college. He was helpful to us by coming in to work during his breaks from school and has been with the after school program since his college was closed in March. He is a pitch in/do anything he is asked to do type of employee, and always with a smile.
Ariana Hash Works the summer camps as she is a full time nursing student. She enjoys teaching crafts to the children. This summer she was part to the team that put together the summer themes/activities. In her spare time, she is a cheerleader coach for Patrick Henry High School.
Bridgette Bently She is a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School For the past two years, she has lead the charge to develop the summer themes and activities with a team of employees. This summer she has faced many changes due to the delayed start of the summer camps, and she has persevered with a smile. The schedule for the six weeks of camps reflects a lot of research.
Alexandra DeFelice William and Mary student studying Psychology. Has experience working children ski school at resort in Colorado.
Brittany Corn Just returned from teaching English to elementary students in Spain. It is her plan to return but is currently teaching them virtually.
Eliza Gregoire She comes to the department with eight years of volunteerism experience in Colorado as well as in Roanoke. She has worked with church youth programs, and is a SARA crisis advocate.
Melissa Hubbard Teacher at Westside Elementary. She stated she wanted to do something this summer as she missed spending time with children.
Seth Greer Seth will be with the department for the summer and then will depart for graduate school at Yale. He has a strong background as a swim coach and worked two summers at a residential camp.
Sarah Jane Ruppert She is a Theater Education and Spanish major at Roanoke College. She brings experience as a camp counselor for two years and a volunteer at Lincoln Terrace Elementary for two years. She is looking forward to sharing her interest in theatre with the children.
Naomi Grubb She has been with the department for many years after her retirement from the phone company. Always willing to work rentals when called and works well with all customers.
Fatimah King This is a second job for her. Can be called upon any time to work and is very reliable. Relates well and is very helpful to the customers.
Tiyana King This is a second job for her. She is willing to work as much as needed. She is very personable with the customers and is very reliable.
Emily Gallagher This is a second job for her. She had only been with the department for a few months when the shut down occurs. She would work when her schedule allowed.
Angela Williams Used to work for the department in the after school /camp programs. She works full time for another organization but still enjoys working rentals. She is also the driving force in the organization of some special events in the after school program (Prom, 5th grade graduation, community Egg Hunt, and Halloween Trunk or Treat).
Grace Terry Arguably one of the best environmental educators in the state. Grace has been teaching the very popular Nature Lab course for home schooled students for nearly a decade.
Devin Johnson Brings with her a versatility and background in youth outdoors camps and trip planning and a genuine passion for teaching youth, she’s equally comfortable teaching in a cave, from the water or at an after school rec center.
Tiffani Reynolds A teaching assistant who’s depth of knowledge about nature has led her to be a staple of outdoor summer camps and environmental education programming for years.
Gretch Boeren A full time teacher and former National Park Service employee she works with Parks and Recreation a few days per month just to share her incredible knowledge and passion about the outdoors.
Tabby Bryant When Tabby isn’t working with the National Park Service as an interpreter you can find her teaching about nature at the Mill Mountain Discovery Center.
Adam Daniel Holds a masters degree in curriculum development and works with Parks and Recreation once per week during the school year just to teach youth about the outdoors.