Monday, june 22nd: 6pm online!
Parks & Rec Themed Trivia Night 


  • Each round & bonus question has it’s own form on this page. Be sure you scroll to the correct form for the round to be sure your answers are counted.
  • Tell us who’s playing: Use the first form to tell us who registered (especially if there is more than one of you playing!) and what your team name is.
  • Use the same team name each time you submit a round of questions, otherwise your points won’t add up.
  • There are 5 rounds and 5 bonus questions. 
  • After each round, the questions will be repeated ONCE through. Then you’ll have 15 seconds to submit your answers for the round.
  • Bonus Questions will also have a 15 second time-limit.
  • Teams–as mentioned above, you can all submit your questions together on one form, you just need to be sure you’ve included everyone who registered in the top form to ensure they get their entries in the raffle. 


  • Each person who registered gets one raffle entry. 
  • Winning Team gets 3 entries (per registered individual) and 2nd place gets 2 entries. 
  • There may be other opportunities to win entries, be sure you keep an ear out for them!






LESlie’s trivia Binder