People love their greenways.Greenway path in summer during sunrise

The greenway system is one of the most popular amenities our department offers. It wins awards each year in local “Best of” categories. It was citizens’ top funding and maintenance priority in our 10-year Master Plan. Tons of races and events are held on and along the greenways each year, generating tens of thousands of dollars in economic development.

Yes, people love their greenways, but there is a downside to their popularity. 

Pedestrians walking four people abreast. Cyclists traveling at unsafe speeds. Dog walkers not picking up after their pets. This crappy (pun intended) behavior happens all too frequently and creates a poor experience for everyone.

That’s why we’re launching our #GreenwayGoals campaign! We hope to educate everyone on proper greenway etiquette and to celebrate those who are following the rules! Scroll down to learn more about our #GreenwayGoals and how you can help.

#GreenwayGoals Mantra

Memorizing an entire of list of rules can be daunting. Remembering a cute little rhyme? Now that’s something we can all get behind.

Pass on the left.
Stay to the right.
Use a bell or your voice.
And please be polite.

This pretty much encompasses our #GreenwayGoals in a nutshell.

Win Stuff

Three cyclists on shared-use pathWe believe in positive reinforcement, and that’s why we’ll be rewarding people who actively practice good #GreenwayGoals!

There are two ways to win:

First, we’ll have folks scouting the greenways for people who are rocking good greenway etiquette. If they catch you being an awesome fellow human, they’ll give you a ticket for a prize!

Second, we’ll be doing a social media giveaway. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself (or a buddy) using the greenways responsibly, share it on Facebook and/or Instagram using #greenwaygoals, and you’re entered to win! NOTE: Make sure your account is public so we can see it. If you post a photo using #greenwaygoals, your photo may be shared on PLAY Roanoke’s social pages.

Prizes include things like stickers, mugs, hats, and even a Hydroflask hydration pack!

Need to Vent?

Sometimes, you just have to vent about stuff. Trust us; we hear you! That’s why we have created a form where you can let out your greenway frustrations. 

At the very least, you might feel a little better. At the most, you might suggest something amazingly awesome that will change the greenway world! 


Chalk It Up

We have to assume that inconsiderate greenway behavior isn’t intentional, but a lack of education. We can fix that!

One night, we’ll be posted up along the greenway with chalk. We’re asking folks to come by and write some positive messages and spread the word on good greenway usage! 

The more people spreading #GreenwayGoals, the better!

More details to come on this.