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UPDATE: DuE TO the state of RAIN & FLOODING, The Great(ly ANTICIPATED) ROanoke CAMP-IN is now May 30th.

When we cancelled everything back in March, we knew that our outdoor town would be missing more than a few chances to get outside. And so, we put our heads together to see how we could share in some of our favorite outdoor activities. Why not go camping but do it at home and invite EVERYONE? We couldn’t think of a reason, so here you are… the Great Roanoke Camp-in!

When is it? Saturday, May 30th!

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Make memories

  1. Check out a few of our favorite camping games:
    1. Make me Laugh (This is a great one to play over video-chat with your neighbors!):

      This game has a simple premise: getting people to laugh while trying not to laugh yourself. Divide your group into two teams and decide which team is “on stage” first. Then choose one person from the opposing team to be in the “hot seat.” Set the timer for 2 minutes. The team “on stage” has one goal: to make the person in the hot seat laugh. Now laughs, giggles, and smiles can be difficult to distinguish from one another, so we like this rule: if you show your teeth, you’re out! The team can work together or individually, but no touching the other team, making fun, or being mean. When someone laughs, his or her team has to take their turn “on stage”. If the player can keep a straight face for the entire two minutes, he earns a point for his team.

    2. Create a Story Together:

      Create a story together — the player chosen to begin shares the first few lines of a make-believe story. Storytelling proceeds around the campfire, with each player adding a few more lines to continue the story. Add an additional challenge when playing with older children by having players pat their knees twice and then clap their hands while sharing their story offering. The next player must start his contribution immediately following the last player’s clap.

    3. Charades:

      Pick a category and have one person act out an item from that category to the rest of the group (movies, animals, superheros, and household appliances all work well, but get creative!).  That person is not allowed to speak or make any noises whatsoever while performing. The first person to guess what is being acted out becomes the next “performer”. You can make it a competition by dividing into teams and timing it and keeping score or you can just play for fun. If you’re playing with children then it’s a good idea to have a few ideas written down for them to pick out of a hat.

    4. Flashlight Tag:

      The game begins like Hide-and-Seek: one player selected as “it” counts to a predetermined number (10-30) while the rest of the players hide. Armed with a flashlight, “it” heads into the dark in search of the hidden players. Players are tagged when the flashlight beam lands on them, at which point they become “it” or are “out” until the rest of the players are found.

  2. Cook a camping dinner
  3. Make s’mores


Be sure you check-in to the Great Roanoke Camp-in Facebook event, and tag @playroanoke in your photos!

Be A Part of something bigger

Invite your neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and friends to join in!

When the time comes, check-in on Facebook and see how many other Roanokers are out there camping-in, just like you!

This is purely camping for community’s sake. We’re truly here to unite during tough times and enjoy some shared fun across the City. Share your photos by tagging @playroanoke and then watch our stories to see what others are doing.


Let us cap off the night by bringing a special guest to your campfire…

Tune in at 8:00 pm