Saturday, July 3rd | 9 p.m.

Look to the sky above River’s Edge North for a 15-minute firework show!

There will be no centralized viewing event this year, so please plan accordingly. Read on for details


Viewing Spots

The show will be approximately 150′ above River’s Edge Park North in the same location as previous years’ shows. 

Please select your viewing spot early to avoid traffic closer to the show. We recommend getting set up by about 8:30 for the best experience.

Prevent hazards and unsafe situations. You may not pull-over on major roads or park in non-designated areas during the show. 

*Please note: there will be NO shuttles this year.

Road & Parking Closures

The following locations will be closed to parking:

  • Reserve Ave
  • Wiley Dr. 
  • River’s Edge North Park parking lot 

The following roads will be closed:

At 5 p.m.: 

  • Reserve Ave
  • Wiley Dr.

At 8:30 p.m.:

  • Jefferson right lane south-bound from Williamson to Reserve (Access to Riverside Circle will remain open)
  • Jefferson from Reserve Ave to the Hospital will be closed

9:45 p.m.: All Roads will re-open

What if it rains?

If it is safe to have the show, it will happen. 

In the event of severe weather, the show may be cancelled or postponed to later in the evening. Follow Play Roanoke on Facebook for to-the-minute updates. 

Can I set up my food truck?

Not this year, sorry. There will be no centralized event, meaning no vendors, no shuttles, no amusements of any kind… just a good ol’ stunning firework display!

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