July is Parks and Recreation Month, and we’ve got an adventure planned for you! Each week in July, we’re hiding Noke the Gnome (pronounced “No-key”) in one of our 71 parks, plazas, or greenways! We will release clues (five per week) guiding people to the park he’s in and where he’s hiding! The person who finds Noke first will win an awesome prize!


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! Bojangles has joined as a sponsor! Not only does that mean bigger and better prizes, but we’ll also be giving away eight Bojangles Tailgate boxes! If you find a chicken hidden in our parks, you’ll win your very own chicken picnic from Bojangles!


Yes! If you take pictures of yourself/your family looking for Noke, and tag Play Roanoke, you’re entered win prizes as well! The person with the most creative picture will win a $50 Visa gift card! So make sure you’re letting everyone know about your search for Noke and/or a chicken!

Here’s how it will work
  • The first clue will be released each Monday (beginning July 1) ONLY by WFXR, so tune into Good Day at  to get a head start!
  • The rest of the clues will be released on our social media platforms and WFXR Good Day Tuesday-Friday until someone finds Noke!
  • If you find him, he will have instructions on what to do next!
  • After he’s found, Noke the Gnome will hide in another park the next week (four different parks, one in each quadrant of the city).
  • Tag PLAY Roanoke in pictures of you and your family searching for Noke, and you’ll be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card!

Happy hunting!


Clues and Prizes

Chicken Clues: Find a chicken, win a Bojangles Tailgate Box!


    • FOUND- VIC TOMAS PARK Park #1: Enjoy the art and get in some exercise, stop by for a quick visit with the salvage guys! 
    • Park #2
      • Clue 1: Such a good place for you and your dog. You’ll only find two of these in the PLAY catalog.
      • Clue 2: Follow the path where puppies can run; This chicken is found by looking toward the sun


    • FOUND AT LOUDON PARK! Park #1: This is one site of National Night Out, and just recently Roanoke Police Department hosted a clean-up and cook out!
    • FOUND AT PRESTON PARK! Park #2: In this park, the chicken tramps, while kids enjoy their summer camp.


    • FOUND AT BELMONT PARK! Park #1: This chicken is happy and has free range, roaming in this park that had a name change.

    • Park #2:
      • Clue 1: Over the bridge and through the woods, near Roanoke’s most famous site, you’ll find the goods.
      • Clue 2: The Star’s light will barely reach this space; where the chicken is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


    • FOUND AT ARGONNE CIRCLE! Park #1: This spot of commemorative green is hiding a chicken that can’t be seen.
    • Park #2:

      • Clue 1: The greenway connects this park to one with a pool. To find this prize, walk  away from the school.

      • Clue 2: The 10th Street construction won’t interfere with you finding this chicken by the tree it is near.
Week 1: Win a Salem Red Sox Box Suite

Week 1: Find Noke, and you and 15 friends get a private suite to a Salem Red Sox game!

Noke Clue #1: Tune into WFXR Good Day in the morning for the clue!

Noke Clue #2: Off the cove, follow the path. Many disconnected trails this park does have.

Noke Clue #3: Enjoy a day outside with wings above. Noké fits in this park like a glove.


Week 2: Win an Aerial Tour from Star Flight Training

Week 2: Find Noke, and you and 2 friends can take an aerial tour of Roanoke, the Appalachian Trail, or Blacksburg!

Noke Clue #1: Tune into WFXR Good Day in the morning for the clue!

Noke Clue #2: To find Noké, you must brave the brush that grows wild and free.

Can this scamp outsmart you or is he in plain sight by a post, rock, or tree?

Noke Clue #3: One-hundred-four steps to the start/finish line where berries and bamboo can be found.

If you get this far up the path, Noké says, “Stop and turn around!”

Noke Clue #4: Ready, set, go- search with all your heart. Noké can be found at the start.

Noke Clue #5: Let’s go back to the start. Try this again.

The brush is concealing our little gnome friend.

Noké was found on the Tinker Creek Greenway near Fallon Park!

WEEK 3: Win a night at the Hotel Roanoke

Week 3: Find Noke, and you’ll receive a night at the Hotel Roanoke complete with champagne and breakfast for two!

Noke Clue #1: Tune into WFXR Good Day in the morning for the clue!

Noké was found Fern Park!

Win a $250 Roanoke Mountain Adventures Gift Card

Week 4: Find Noke, and you’ll receive a $250 gift card to Roanoke Mountain Adventures to use for equipment rentals or in their store!

Noke Clue #1: Tune into WFXR Good Day in the morning for the clue!

Noke Clue #2: Nestled in the grass, Noké reflects. You can find him in the center where history connects.

Noke Clue #3:This Southern tree is known for its flowers. Duck under its shade to avoid summer showers.