July is Parks and Recreation Month, and we’ve got an adventure planned for you! Each week in July, we’re hiding Noke the Gnome (pronounced “No-key”) in one of our 60 parks! We will release clues (five per week) letting people know which park he’s in and where he’s hiding! The person who finds Noke first will win prizes from Downtown Roanoke Inc., Fleet Feet, Ride Solutions, and more!

Here’s how it will work
  • The first clue will be released on Monday (beginning July 2), and it will ONLY be available at Starr Hill. Make sure you pay them a visit to get a head start!
  • The rest of the clues will be released on our social media platforms Tuesday-Saturday until someone finds Noke!
  • If you find him, he will have instructions on what to do next!
  • After he’s found, Noke the Gnome will hide in another park the next week (four different parks, one in each quadrant of the city).
  • Tag PLAY Roanoke in pictures of you and your family searching for Noke, and you’ll be entered to win some Parks and Recreation swag!

Happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt Clues and Prizes

Each week's sponsor and prize is listed below. As clues are released on social media, they will be placed on this page. Happy Hunting!

Week 1 (July 2-7). Sponsored by Downtown Roanoke, Inc.

Melissa Wheeler found Noke in Elmwood Park on the first night and won a $100 gift card from Downtown Roanoke, Inc! These are the consolation clues for a new hiding spot!

Clue 1: Noke was found, but he isn’t done having fun. The search for him for him downtown has just begun.
Clue 2: In 1776, the founding fathers our country made, so I can enjoy this American Elm’s shade.
Clue 3: Items were placed here in 1994. We’ll see what they are in 50 years more.
Clue 4: I’ve chosen this tree because it’s a lawn ornament just like me!
Clue 5: The Avengers’ may be a blockbuster hit, but these real-life heroes, we must never forget.

BONUS CLUE: I understand you love your jobs; I appreciate the zest, But please keep it down, city employees. I’m trying to get some rest

BONUS CLUE: I need to move onto my next spot even though I’m happy as a lark. Resting beneath the stars and stripes, I’m hiding beneath tree bark.

Noke was found hiding in an ornamental cherry tree in Lee Plaza!

Week 2 (July 9-14). Sponsored by Fleet Feet

Noke was found in Piedmont Park!

Prize: $100 gift card to Fleet Feet

Clue 1: I can see the river here, from afar, nestled beneath Roanoke’s brightest star.
Clue 2: At the foot of the mountains is the true definition of where you will start your mission.
Clue 3: Enter where the pergola surrounds, look around so I can be found.
Clue 4: A honey tree I am, watching the river go by, but I am not alone with my three brothers and a gnome.
Clue 5: Where dogs have wheels and cows are blue, beside this park the river runs through.


Week 3 (July 16-21). Sponsored by RIDE Solutions

Noke was found in Mason Mill Park!

Prize: Ride Solutions Prize Pack (valued at over $100)

Clue 1: “Spring is the favorite time of year/ for the Parks and Recreation Director and his children to PLAY here.”
Clue 2: “Below the dam/ you can cast your rod/ in this beautiful park/ where few people trod.”
Clue 3: “Underneath this dormant wheel/the green heron fishes/for its next meal.”
Clue 4:
Clue 5:



Week 4 (July 23-28)

Noke was found in Ridgewood Park!

Prize: Grandin Village Prize Pack valued at over $100

Clue 1: If you think this park is in Salem, you’re close but incorrect. This city park without a sign is where you’ll find me to collect
Clue 2: “Here, we gnomes are not overstocked, 
but you can find me near hemlock.”
Clue 3: “Walking the path, I can be found, past the playground and halfway around.”
Clue 4: “The Dawn Redwood will become colossal. You’ll find me enjoying the shade of this living fossil.”
Clue 5: “If you haven’t found me with the clues that have passed, look deeper still among the tall grass.”