Noke has been in hibernation, and it’s time to wake him up! Just like last summer, he is in one of our MANY parks, and we’ll be releasing a clue each day on this web page and in our Facebook event letting you know where he is! To celebrate the season, Noke can be found in a big golden egg! Whoever finds him wins a $200 gift card to Downtown Roanoke, Inc! What better way to spend your Spring Break than visiting our parks and maybe winning an awesome prize? If you take any pictures or videos of your hunt, please tag us!

Here’s how it will work
  • The first clue will be released on Monday, April 15 with a new clue released each day until he is found 
  • If you find him, he will have instructions on what to do next!
  • Tag PLAY Roanoke in pictures of you and your family searching for Noke, and you might be featured on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!

Happy hunting!

NEW Clue #1: Noke is ornery and loves a good lark. He’s hidden himself in one of our 60+ parks!
CLUE #2: Stand on home plate; look left and right. Can you see him here? Perhaps with a light.
CLUE #3: Anything planted here will certainly sprout. Dig a little deeper to find your route.
Clue #4: At the base of Roanoke Mountain, not far from the parkway, Noke lies waiting for someone to come play.