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04/27/17 - 04/27/17
5:45pm - 6:45pm
Grandin Court Baptist Church
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Mindful Family in the Modern World

Giving your family more tools to grow

Our world today is high-paced and hyper-connected, and the effects of stress and over-commitment can trickle down to everyone... Mom's feeling it; Dad's feeling it; the kiddos are feeling it; even Fido the Pup feels it sometimes! This family-friendly workshop will introduce the concept of mindfulness to parents and children, offering simple yet effective activities to help you stay more present and less stressed. Mindfulness teaches us to unwind and de-stress by tuning into the body and the breath and gaining better understanding of emotions and awareness. Deepen your family's connection while learning techniques to achieve the ABCs of mindfulness, Attention, Balance, and Compassion. Open to families with children of all ages; no experience necessary, just bring an open mind!

Please Note: All ages within a family are welcome! Kids within ages 5-13 will benefit most.

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