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Basketball Event Winter Sports Star City Safe
01/29/22 - 01/29/22
10:00am - 6:00pm
Berglund Center
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Free 3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament

Jan Basketball Tournament Instagram PostSign up today for Roanoke Parks and Recreation 3 vs 3 basketball tournament held at the Berglund Center on January 29, 2022. The first-place team of each age division will receive a $500 gift card. There will also be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. This tournament is a Star City Safe event, an initiative focused on expanded services and access to public facilities to keep our youth and neighborhoods safe. Teams will receive a meal, and spectators can enjoy some of Roanoke’s best ballers competing on the court. This tournament is FREE, but there is a 32 team limit, so register quickly! If there are still spots available, we will take on-site registration on the day of.

 Location: Berglund Center 

*Doors will open @10AM

*Tournament begins @12PM

* 2 Divisions- Ages:14-17, 18+

* 6 Players Max per team 

* Rosters will be submitted day of event (Only one person needs to register a team)

1. Home team will shoot for ball at the start of each game.
2. Each game will be to 21 points or 15 minutes long. The team must win by 2 points if there is a tie.
3. Teams score by either regular two-point baskets, or by three-point shots taken from outside the three-point circle. There will also be a four-point line beyond the three-point arc.
4. After a basket has been scored or a foul called, a player must check the ball at the top of the key.
5. All held balls will be put into play behind the three-point line with possession given alternately to each team.
6. On defensive rebounds or steals, players must return the ball by dribble or pass across the three point line before a basket may be attempted. Once across the line, they do not have to pass the ball before shooting.
7. Fouls will be called by the court monitor/referee. A non-shooting foul will result in the award of one point to the offended team and the ball back. Shooting Fouls will result in two or three free throws.
8. **However, once a team reaches 15 points they will be in the bonus. Every foul committed against the offense will result in free throws.
9. The three-second rule will apply to all offensive players.
10.Substitutions may be made after a basket or an out-of-bounds play.