Timeline of Events


March: Review and approve Proposal for Trail Plan Amendment (DONE)

May: Invite Task Force members to participate; hold first meeting to kick off project (DONE)

June: Review 2005 Trail Plan, status of trail system, developments since 2005, issues to address (DONE)

June-July: Assess current trail conditions and needs (DONE)

July: Design agenda and visuals needed for neighborhood meetings (DONE)

July-October: Attend Southeast Action Forum, Riverland-Walnut Hills, and South Roanoke neighborhood meetings for input as well as Mill Mountain Advisory Board (DONE)

October-November: Compile input and trail assessments. (DONE) Develop list of potential new trails and connections. Develop process for evaluation and incorporation of new trails or new activities

December-January: Evaluate sustainability of potential new trails and connections (DONE)



January-February: Evaluate sustainability of potential new trails and connections; create draft plan amendment. (DONE)

March: Host Public Open House for draft plan amendment (DONE)

March: Submit Draft Plan Amendment to Mill Mountain Advisory Board and Roanoke Parks and Recreation Department Management (DONE)

August: Make revisions based on management comments (DONE)


January-February: Proposed Mill Mountain Trails Plan open for public comment (DONE)

February: Draft goes to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (DONE)

March: Draft goes to Mill Mountain Advisory Board.  (DONE)

April: Draft goes to Planning Commission (DONE)

May: Draft goes to City Council for approval (DONE: approved May 17, 2021)

Task Force Update August 2019:

The Mill Mountain Trail Plan Task Force has been hard at work this summer evaluating the current trails and Mill Mountain Greenway and are happy to report this part of the project is complete! Staff are now compiling all data from assessments to have the committee work on maintenance priorities of our current trails and greenways. We are also working with Southeast Action Forum, Riverland Walnut Hills and South Roanoke Neighbors to get on their future meeting agendas to gain input from Mill Mountain Park neighbors about current and future trail needs as well as neighborhood connections. We have also developed a survey that Task Force Members and Mill Mountain Advisory Board members will be facilitating to trail and greenway users on Mill Mountain throughout the fall, so if you see folks out with clipboards on the trails or greenways, stop by and share your thoughts! Findings from the Trail Assessments will be posted here soon. 


Task Force Update december 2019:

The Mill Mountain Trail Plan Task Force has completed the public input process, visited all neighborhood groups, and conducted 11 survey sessions on Mill Mountain. This file of current trail maintenance needs provides information on identified maintenance needs for current trails. Task Force Members are working throughout the winter with the Roanoke Police Department and other agencies on feasibility and exploration of new trail corridors and connections for the Park. A draft plan public meeting will be scheduled for March 2020, so stay tuned!