Roanoke Tree Stewards

Tree Crew


The Roanoke Tree Stewards, sponsored by the City of Roanoke, consists of trained volunteers concerned with promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the urban forest of Roanoke. The mission is to plant, care for and maintain public trees; educate the public to the benefits and needs of trees in our community; and provide assistance to the Roanoke City urban forestry staff.

Volunteer Tree Stewards receive 26 hours of classroom and hands-on training and classes start every January. At least 30 hours of volunteer work is required in the first year and 20 hours in subsequent years.

For more information or to sign up to become a Tree Steward, contact the urban forestry planner at For information on field work and other activities for trained Tree Stewards, see the calendar of events

A record of hours volunteered per Tree Steward is posted near the beginning of each month.

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