Big Tree Register

Roanoke has some really excellent big trees, and the Roanoke Tree Stewards are finding and documenting them. The City has a Post Oak in Smith Park that is the State Champion and a Hedge Maple at the Mountain View Center that is the third largest in the state. The Oneseed Hawthorn State Champion is in Raleigh Court. Two Red Buckeyes in Evergreen Burial Park are State and National Co-Champions.

The Roanoke Tree Stewards maintain the Roanoke Valley Big Tree Register, which they took over when Valley Beautiful disbanded. In that group, the original author of the Register was Bill Hubard. Some of the Roanoke Valley trees are listed in the Virginia Big Tree Register, which is maintained by Virginia Tech. When the Roanoke Tree Stewards are notified of a big tree, they work with the property owner to measure it, photograph it, and get GPS coordinates. When new big trees are added to the Roanoke Valley Big Tree Register, they are then nominated for the Virginia Register.

Do you have a big tree you would like to nominate for the Register? Contact Helen Smythers, urban forestry planner, at

Roanoke Valley Big Tree Register 11.7.16