If you have trouble keeping your own lawn mowed during the height of the mowing season, imagine trying to keep 74 different lawns mowed, many of which encompass several acres!  That is the task our Landscape Management crews face from mid-March to mid-October.

Our goal is to mow the turf in the Central City parks and greenways and at Mountain View on a seven day cycle and all outlying parks and properties on a 14 – 21 day cycle.  These mowing cycles will assure that all properties are safe and attractive for citizens to use.  The crews do more than just mow and trim each time as well.  Before any mowing is done, all trash and debris is removed.  Sometimes, areas have to be mowed more than once to disperse the grass, particularly when it is wet or especially lush.  All turf areas are mulch-mowed, which is not only environmentally friendly, but more beneficial to the turf than bagging clippings.  Once all mowing, trimming and edging is completed, all sidewalks, curb lines and roads are blown off, with all clippings blown back into the turf areas.  Crews also spray to eliminate unsightly grass and weeds growing in sidewalk cracks and along curb and fence lines.  When it rains a lot, mowing has to be suspended until the turf has dried enough to allow the mowers to cut the grass evenly and not sink into the wet ground.

Some of our mowing equipment is quite large, such as the Toro 580D mowers that have a 16’ cutting width.  Others are smaller, zero-turn riding mowers that enable us to mow closely around trees and other obstacles. We also have walk-behind mowers that have an attachment on which the operator can stand and ride along behind the mower, operating it with hand controls.  All trimming is accomplished with string trimmers and sidewalk and curb edging is done with stick edgers.  Our goal is to have a clean, nicely manicured lawn when we leave.  Although the mowing equipment can be large and intimidating, the operators are friendly and have your best interests at heart.  When you come near them, they will stop and wait for you to pass by so you won’t be covered up with grass clippings or worse!  Please feel free to wave and interact with them!  They are there to make your park experience as enjoyable as possible!