Dirty Bums after Caving at Island Ford in Covington, VA.

Caving is a unique program Roanoke Parks and Recreation offers that takes participants into wild caves, anytime of the year.  Join us on one of our caving adventures and explore the natural wonders of our local caves.

If you wish to schedule a private group (minimum of 6) please contact Kat Andrew at 540-853-1276 or for availability.

Beginner Caving-November, 15th 2014
Come experience the adventure of caving and the thrills of challenging yourself as we crawl and climb deep underground to a place seldom seen. Explore hidden passages, admire beautiful cave formations, experience total darkness, and see a whole new world…in a different light! Responsible safety and environmental practices for beginners to intermediate cavers will be stressed. Note: this is a strenuous activity! Be ready to crawl, climb, squeeze, and get muddy! Instruction, equipment and transportation are provided.

Date: November 15th, 2014
Price: $39
Register by: November 13th, 2014
To Register: call 540-853-2236

Before and After Photo while Caving at Island Ford...