Join us as we learn about the Stars in one of our free Astronomy Classes!!!

Picture provided by Dave Morrow Photography;

**Monthly astronomy programs on the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 139) allow you to meet other people as you peer through large telescopes to distant stars, planets and galaxies.  All programs are FREE, but advance registration is required by calling 540-853-2236 before the registration deadline.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  Programs lead by Frank Baratta, an experienced amateur astronomer and member of the Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society,

“A Mid-Summer Night’s Sky”, August 8th, 2015
(18+,10+ with adult) By the calendar, we’re just a bit beyond summer’s half-way point. Though the summer constellations and Milky Way hold center stage, the early patterns of fall are already visible in the eastern sky. This evening we’ll view Saturn and the best of the mid-season.

purple skyDate: Aug 8th (9pm)
Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Mile Post 139
Registration Fee: Free
Register by: Aug 6th
Register HERE!


“On Fall’s Doorstep”, September 12th, 2015
In less than two weeks we reach the autumnal equinox. Tonight we’ll consider the nature of this event, and observe the celestial sights of the ending season, including our last good views of the ringed planet Saturn for the year.Blue sky stars

Date: Sept 12th (8:15)
Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Mile Post 139
Registration fee: Free
Register by: Sept 10th
Register: Here!

“Lives of the Stars”, October 3rd, 2015
Just like people, stars have life stories. They’re born, they mature and they end their lives in varied ways. Join us this evening to view some examples of stars in different stages of their life cycles, including the remnants of one that met a cataclysmic end.

vertical starsOct 3rd (7:45pm)
Location: Carvin’s Cove Boat Dock
Registration fee: Free
Register by: Oct 1st
Register: Here!




“The Joking Dolphin”, November 7th, 2015
High above us as darkness spreads is Delphinus, the smiling dolphin, a pattern known since ancient times. It may be smiling today because of an astronomer’s more recent practical joke. Get in on the joke this evening while enjoying the night sky’s delights.stars over mountains

Nov 7th (6:00pm)
Location: Blue Ridge Parkway Mile Post 139
Registration fee: Free
Register by: Nov 5th
Register: Here!