Featured Adventures

Mill Mountain Naturalist 1
Welcome to our Environmental Education Featured Adventures Section.  We hope you find something you will enjoy…

DIY: Creating a Certified Backyard Wildlife, March 28th
Learn how to turn your own back yard into a wildlife habitat by providing the four necessary habitat components: food, water, cover, and places to raise young. Learn what it takes to have sustainable techniques to restore and maintain the habitat for wildlife. This program is for adults or families with children ages 4+.Nature Explorers Camp 4

Date: Starts March. 28th, 10-12pm
Registration Fee: $9
Last Day to Register: March. 25th
Register: Here

Adult Naturalist Series, March 30th
Be part of the first class of Roanoke naturalists! In this new educational series for adults and educators we will explore the core areas beginner naturalists need to know: Biogeography, plant/tree identification, basic ecological concepts, wildlife science, conservation issues, and much more. Learn practical skills you can use at home or in the woods, such as how to make your backyard more wildlife friendly and how to use field guides and keys to identify local trees. So come out and learn firsthand what makes the Roanoke region such an interesting place to live.

Date: Starts March 30th – May 4th, 6:30-8pm
Price: $35
Last Day to Register: March 23rd
Register: Here

Bird Patrol: Adult Bird Walk, April 19th
Come explore the mountain trails on a leisurely hike led by a naturalist. We will help you find and identify the many beautiful birds that are spring residents of Mill Mountain.Photographer

Date: April 19th, 8-10am
Price: $6
Last Day to Register: April 15th
Register: Here

DIY: Terrariums, May 16th
Learn to build your own self-supporting, enclosed ecological system. Learn about the subtle factors that impact soil quality, moisture, bacteria, and plant growth. Take home a beautiful miniature garden. This program is for adults or families with children ages 4+.

Date: May 16th, 2-4pm
Price: $25
Last Day to Register: May 9th
Register: Here

The Roanoke “Big Trees” Tour, May 30th
Join us for this guided van trip as we visit various locations around the city to see trees that have been selected for special recognition including 2 State Champions and one National Co-Champion. You’ll ride in comfort and enjoy a stop along the way for a local bakery treat.Active Andy

Date: May 30th, 2-4pm
Price: $6
Last Day to Register: May 27th
Register: Here