Featured Adventures

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Welcome to our Environmental Education Featured Adventures Section.  We hope you find something you will enjoy…


Paul ChapmanFamily Fun Night at the Discovery Center, June 20th

Join us for a fun night of nature games, crafts, and other activities, and, of course, some yummy snacks. Only one parent needs to register for all immediate family members.

Date: June 20th, 5:30pm-7pm
Price: $12
Register: Here

Summer Solstice Special, June 21st
Come to the Discovery Center on the longest day of the year to learn about the role the sun plays in natural cycles on the mountain. We will also have a safe solar observing session using a solar telescope as well as create sun-inspired nature art that you can take home.

Date: June 21st, 4pm-5:30pm
Price: $6
Last Day to Register: June 17th
Register: Here

Lawn Chair Birding, June 27th
If you love to bird or wish to learn the birds you see in your backyard, but you do not want to walk far, then this program is perfect for you. We will take a leisurely stroll to three different, but close locations on the top of Mill Mountain to sit and watch for the birds that fly by.Treesl

Date: June 27th, 8am-9:30am
Price: $6
Last Day to Register: June 24th
Register: Here

A Firefly Evening, July 31st
Why would an insect have a blinking light? Learn about bioluminescence and the life cycle of fireflies. Find out some tips on the best places and times to find them. Decorate your own ?Firefly Catch-and-Release Jar?. Then go firefly hunting with us in the park.

Date: July 31st, 8pm-9:30pm
Price: $6
Last Day to Register: July 27th
Register: Here