Personal Enrichment for Adults

personal enrichment for adults

This just in-it is okay for adults to play and learn at the same time!  Our Personal Enrichment for Adults programs offered in this category can range from dance, photography, drawing, sewing to Wii Bowling and book clubs.  Some programs may purely be social, such as our quarterly dance.  The variety is limitless.  You get the opportunity to learn something new or refresh some skills, as well as being able to participate with others who have similar interests.  There are day time, evening, and weekend opportunities and age is no barrier.  These programs will vary each season, so be sure to check in with us to see what is new and what fits your schedule.  If there is something you would like to learn or do, let us know so we can try to set up a program for you-if you have an interest, others may as well.

Also, check out the PLAY on Demand programs.  This gives you the opportunity to decide when a program will be held based upon the availability of the students and instructor.

Click here for a full listing of current Personal Enrichment activities.