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Registrations are taken by the city’s regional recreation clubs. To register, contact the recreation club that services the area in which you live. Need help finding your recreation club? Click here for our Recreation Club Finder and club contact information. You must play for the region in which you reside.

Region 1 (Star City)

Baseball: Call Chandra Brown at 540-206-9657

Softball: Call Geraldine Reid at 540-354-8599

Region 2 (Williamson Road)

Baseball: Call Darryl Hall at 540-314-6762

Softball: Call Shelby Bryant at 540-366-1078

Region 3 (South City)

Baseball: Call Donnie Lawhorn at 540-206-7507

Softball: Call Amanda Lawhorn at 540-206-7665

Region 4 (Greater Southwest Athletics)

Baseball/Softball: Call Julie Comer at 540-904-6442


Contact your region’s athletic director to learn more about coaching opportunities. Contact information is available on the Recreation Club Finder page.



Tee Ball……….. ages 6 – 7

Coach Pitch……age 8

Pee Wee……….ages 9 – 10

Little League…..ages 11 – 12

Junior League………ages 13 – 14

Senior League……ages 15 – 17

Note: Age determined on October 1 of current year.


U8……. ages 8 and under

U10……ages 10 and under

U12……ages 12 and under

U16……ages 16 and under

U18……ages 18 and under

Note: Age determined on January 1st of current season.

Practice Begins

Baseball: mid-March

Softball: late March

Games Begin

Baseball: April 11

Softball: late April

Softball Tournament: late June


Ages 6 – 12
Ages 13 – 17

- 8 & Under (8U)
10 & Under – A & 12 & Under – B
10 & Under – B
12 & Under – A & 16 & Under – A
16 & Under – B

2016 Youth Baseball Schedules

Tee Ball
Coach Pitch
Little League

2016 Softball Schedules by Team

**RAYSA Abbreviation Key**

8U: 8U Dolphins Schedule8U GSA Lady Vipers Schedule

10UB: 10B GSA Wildcats, 10B SCK Sluggers10B WR Batting Divas

10UA: 10A GSA Eagles Schedule10A GSA SWAT Schedule

12UA: 12A GSA Crickets

16UB: 16B SCK Lady Wildcats

16UA: 16A WR Lady Panthers Schedule16A WR Divas