Cancellation Information

Outdoor Athletics

In the best interest of public safety and protection of public property, scheduled activities (games and practices) may be cancelled by the Department.  Cancellations will be posted on the Weather and Information Hotline (540-853-1196) by 4:00 pm Monday – Friday and by 7:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. Please do not call our main office for game cancellation information prior to this daily deadline. Any further changes due to weather conditions may result in cancellations being made at the site.

Indoor Athletics

It is the policy of Roanoke Parks and Recreation, in accordance with Roanoke City Public Schools, to cancel all youth activities (games and practices) that make use of school facilities when there is a school cancellation or early dismissal due to inclement weather. Adult activities may or may not be cancelled on days when local schools are closed.

Cancellation Phone Numbers – by location

Note: Please call the location in which your game is being played for up to date information.

City of Roanoke – 540.853.1196 (Option 1)

Botetourt County – 540.992.0012
Franklin County – 540.483.9293 ext. 2
Roanoke County – 540.387.6455 ext. 6
Salem City – 540.966.6900